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Body Piercing

We have a full Sterile room where we have a 5* Hygiene Rating from Dudley Council. We offer a full range of Body Piercing and include aftercare.

Ear Piercing (with gun) £25 pair

Ear Piercing (with gun) £35 pair - if want both lobes done at the same time (2 x piercers)

Top Ear / Cartilege (with gun) £20 each

Nose Piercing (with gun) £20

Navel (Belly Button) - Choice of Bar £25

Nipple £25

Tongue £25

Eyebrow - Bar £25

Labret, Lip or Madonna (Bar) £25

Tragus, Conch or Rook (Bar) £25

Dermal Anchors £30 each, £50 for 2, £70 for 3

Dermal Removal £40

Change Of Jewellery £10

**Only persons over the age of 14 will be pierced (with the exception of ears). Anyone aged between 14 and 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to sign the consent form.

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